Caleb Clark


I'm a creator. I love writing, speaking, and advising startups, but more than anything, I love imagining the future and creating products from the thin air of ideas.

I'm also a partner at Whale of a Venture and board member of the National Monuments Foundation.

I'm incredibly optimistic for the future.

I believe that within twenty years a New Cambrian Explosion of autonomous robots and AI will forever change earth. Many key inventions from the past sixty years -- microprocessors, sensors, internet connectivity, advanced prosthetic joints, machine learning algorithms -- are just now starting to mature, and with them the foundations for the next wave.

By the time my son graduates from college (2036, unless he takes a victory lap), autonomous vehicles will be the norm and 90% of today’s jobs will be displaced by robots and AI.

Such changes will bring massive disruptions to our notions of urban planning, wages, and lifestyle. Some people will invariably fight this progress, but the future will not be stopped. Only those who embrace it can win.

I want to be among the lucky few who bring this future to life.